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Discover how ancient rituals such as drumming provide a space for physical and emotional healing and an antidote for stress in the soothing rhythms of the beat.


Power of 3 – From head to toe with a little in between. Join us for full body activities that will focus on agility, muscle endurance and core strength. All fitness levels welcome

Expressive Arts

Create your message of gratitude and happiness, or tell your own story, through visual mediums of paper, ink and colour.

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese exercise that involves gentle movements, performed with the intention of connecting mind and body, sometimes described as “meditation in motion.” Calming, relaxation, balance and harmony, all vital properties of health and wholeness.

Yoga for Every BODY

Experience inner serenity with this 45 minute activity that incorporates gentle yoga movement, breath awareness and deep relaxation. Bring your own yoga mat.

Zumba Dance

High energy, active session for anyone of any fitness level. Do what you can do, challenge yourself to go the distance, but take a water break when you need it!

clockActivities will take place at 9:15am, 10:15am and 11:15am.
Each activity is 45 minutes in length.

Activities for EACH time slot include: Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba Dance, Exercise, Drumming, and Expressive Arts

Each activity will take place in its own tent outside in the green spaces of Carma House.
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