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JUDY ATKINSON – Drumming Leader

Judy Atkinson is a professional drum circle facilitator and certified health rhythms instructor. Honoured as one of Global Television’s ‘Woman of Vision’, she holds Master’s degrees in Spiritual Guide Training and in Adult Education. Judy is also the founder and president of Circles of Rhythm, a company that delivers drum circle workshops, retreats, social events, and keynotes to thousands of participants annually.



CHERYL BAHARALLY – Expressive Arts leader

Born and raised in Montreal, Cheryl has been creative all her life. In 1994 she met Carol-Lynn Davidson who was teaching a watercolour course at Sorrento Centre. Carol-Lynn taught her the beauty, the play and the skill of watercolour. Cheryl loves to watch and see how the paint and water react, mix and mingle, and she is still amazed at what the two can produce. Cheryl says, “A lot of the skill of watercolours is giving up the control, and letting the paint and water do what they will, to guide you to what you will create.” Watercolour is where her heart lies, but she also enjoys paperarts, creative journaling, mix media and acrylics.




Claudia has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and has been a facilitator at Wellspring Calgary for 2 years. She teaches gentle hatha yoga for adults of all ages with varying abilities. Claudia also teaches iRest® yoga nidra meditation to groups and individuals. Participants of Claudia’s class experience positive support, expert instruction and extraordinary results.



CATHERINE JENNER – Exercise Leader

Catherine provides unique and professional fitness services in a vibrant and energetic manner. Consistently striving to teach from a place of total compassion and believes that we all have everything we need inside and everything we have we need. Catherine has worked at World Health for 10 plus years. Her clients range from beginner to preparing for the Fire and Police fitness test. All fitness levels welcome!


KATHIE MACDUFF – Expressive Arts Leader

Born and raised in Montreal, Kathie grew up thinking everyone was an artist as was her grandmother and mother. She is a trained journalist, graphic designer and a self-taught artist. She conducts weekly classes at Wellspring Calgary, along with other centres and retreat locations. Her vision is to facilitate creative experiences that encourage connections, validate emotions, and nourish the soul. She counts herself supremely blessed to be able to explore her creativity while encouraging others to do the same.

DOROTHY MACKINTOSH – Expressive Arts leader

Dorothy is a volunteer and facilitator at Wellspring Calgary and is also a cancer survivor herself. Although Dorothy has a background in nursing and counseling, she is currently pursuing her dream to teach within the Expressive Arts.



Veronica Mendoza is a very energetic and enthusiastic fitness professional with teaching experience in different countries (Barbados, México, Spain and Canada). Her students say the classes are fun, challenging, safe, with good structure and easy to follow. Veronica believes on helping people of different ages and fitness levels to achieve their fitness goals, improve their life style and feel better.


LUZ ELENA PARRA – Zumba Leader

Luz Elena Parra is an Engineer that has passion for fitness, good health and wellness. As a people oriented person, her passion led her to get involved part time in the fitness industry by getting the Zumba Instructor and Kickboxing certifications which she currently teaches at different locations in Calgary. Her classes are fun, dynamic and challenging. She uses different sources of training to learn about new fitness techniques, nutrition, health and safety. Her goal is to become a fountain of knowledge with which others may draw from. To offer better coaching, she is in the process of completing the Personal Trainer Specialist Certification.



JANE SPONIAR – Tai Chi Leader

Jane Sponiar is a dedicated instructor, skilled and knowledgeable in the practices of Tai Chi, yoga, Reiki and meditation. Prior to turning her full attention to the healing arts 20 years ago, Jane was a competitive athlete and a coaching instructor, with degrees in Coaching and Kinesiology. Jane is well-versed in the profound effects of Tai Chi and eager to share this soothing practice with those who have been touched by cancer.




Scott is a passionate fitness professional who proudly supports Wellspring Calgary! Scott is the Sr Vice President, Operations for International Fitness Holdings (World Health / Spa Lady) and has been part of the fitness scene for 17 years. Scott has worked as a Personal Trainer (specialty in post rehabilitation and disabilities) and as a Group Fitness instructor (specialty in Spin and muscle conditioning classes). He leads an active lifestyle and enjoys all sports and activities.

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